Friday, February 1, 2013

Precognition - something cool that almost happened

The wonderful thing about role playing games is that you never really know how things are going to work out, despite the best planning. The more incredible thing is when you game with kids, the unpredictability is even greater.

I run a AD&D game for the kids where the 12 year old is playing his second character. In this game, he is a half elf Thief-Acrobat, the cousin of a major political family in the city they are based out of. The 7 year old has been showing interest in playing, but she is still not to a point where she wants to learn rules and such. She is a half elf Thief-Mage that pretty much has any 1-3rd level spell that the group needs. She tends to run away from conflict initially, then lets me know what she wants to do. I then help her with her actual course of action. It is fun, and it keeps the boy's character alive more often than not because he tends to run his thief like his 100 HP Barbarian.

His character also has psionics, so he has a few special abilities associated with that 1st edition system. One of these is 'Precognition', which gives him a chance to determine the possible outcome of an immediate decision. He attempted to use it earlier in the adventure and the role was not successful.

However, later on in the dungeon delve, they burst into a room where the two dark elf opponents were aware and waiting for them. A few bad roles later, the entire group was dead, dying, or running away.

Ding Ding...Precognition....

I said stop...and to the boy...reverse back to you opening that door. What just happened is the vision that you got when you touched the door.

Both kids got a bit excited and actually came up with a decent plan on how to handle the situation a bit better, and the outcome was far more appealing to them.

Good times...


  1. That was like a movie. Very cool. Nothing wrong with dying though.

  2. Agreed...but both the kids are still learning, so i give a bit more leeway

  3. Do you mind if I yoink this for a new place holder I'm planning, Blog Spot. A Facebook style feed of the best posts I read?

    1. Cheers! Should go up later today or, maybe as late as tomorrow (being away from the Internet for a day has left me with a HUGE backlog).