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Ragnarok Part 3 - Desecrations, Lacerations, and the End of the World

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With their new Forest Troll companion in tow along with 'Skizzo' the ratling, the group moved along to the other door in the kitchen. The Dark Elf did some silent scouting and found out the door lead into the main chapel area where 4 dark elf guards were currently stationed. They were standing around the main altar in the vaulted room. Upon reporting this to the rest of the group, the Human asked Skizzo where the crown was. He said it was beyond the double doors behind the altar, leading down to the Peryton's lair.

The Human asked the Mountain Troll to take out the guards. Dutifully, he charged the 4 dark elves with his crowbar and unnatural strength. After skewering one, impaling another, and driving a third face first into the altar, the fourth was left with the easy choice of begging for his life. 

The Forest Troll then stepped forward and began to rip apart the dead bodies of the dark elves, pulling out their organs and defiling the altar with their viscera. He then pointed at the remaining dark elf and demanded that he recant his religion here and now or he will kill him. Faced with the deranged stare of a Forest Troll that could rip his arms off, the dark elf reluctantly recanted his dark elf gods.

The rest of the group were a bit shocked by the Forest Trolls antics, but proceeded with their mission. The Human declared the captured dark elf's name was now 'Skizzo Jr', and the Mountain Troll and the Dark Elf upgraded their melee weapons with a few of the dropped scimitars of the guards. The Human also declared that Skizzo Jr was now Skizzo's servant (or dogsbody) and allowed Skizzo to order him around. They also asked him to open the doors to the Peryton's lair. He produced a key and opened the doors.

The Dark Elf proceeded to creep down the passageway to the Peryton's lair with the Mountain Troll and the Forest Troll following behind. The Human asked Skizzo if there were anymore Dark Elves in the priory. He said the head priest would be in his chambers and would show him how to get there.
Down the pathway to the Peryton's lair, the Forest Troll suddenly disappeared and suddenly as he appeared. The Mountain Troll and the Dark Elf shrugged and kept moving down the corridor. The Dark Elf brought out his bow and got close enough to see the Peryton and measure out a shot. He nodded to the Mountain Troll and took his shot, hitting the Peryton with an arrow while the Mountain Troll charged in. The Peryton's scream affected the Troll, slowing him down to half his normal speed. Another arrow hit the Peryton while it charged the now slowed Troll and pinned him to the ground, goring with its antlers. Another arrow from the Dark Elf found its mark while the Troll grabbed the Peryton forcefully thrusting it off of him and finishing it off with the blow.
At this time, the game was paused while Tom told about what was happening in the sky. Fenris wolf devoured the Sun and the Moon, shards of the sun falling from the sky and down to the ground. Ragnarok had begun.

The Human had been searching the chapel area for some loot before following Skizzo to the door leading further into the priory and to the priest's room. After the Sun and Moon were devoured, the door flung open and out came the priest, half dressed and ragged. He saw the disemboweled dead bodies on his altar and looked at the Human. A comical scene followed with the priest asking who the Human was, what happened to his men, and what is going on in the sky.
"Did you see what happened!?"
"What happened to my men?!"
Back in the Peryton's lair, the Dark Elf grabbed the crown and had the immediate urge to take it for himself. Knowing well enough that the Mountain Troll would tear him limb from limb, he decided to try to run away. At that same time, the Forest Troll reappeared and the Dark Elf rolled a critical failure trying to get away, falling to the ground. The Forest Troll then grabbed the crown and had the same urge to keep it for himself, attacking the Mountain Troll. The Mountain Troll killed the Forest Troll with one swing from his scimitar. The crown dropped to the floor and the dead troll disappeared once again, going to the 'death' GM (Paul).

The Dark Elf wrapped the crown in a cloak and the two returned to the chapel where they saw the Dark Elf priest emphatically reveling that it was the end of the world and the time for Loki and the giants to take control of the world. He said that everyone needed to go outside and start destroying the shards of the sun that fell from the sky. The group decided that is well enough time to kill the remaining priest and Skizzo Jr. before heading outside to start retrieving the shards of light.

Outside, they saw groups of 'Woe Hounds' going after the shards and devouring them. Figuring that the evil gods wanted them destroyed, the group decided they could use the crown to curry favor with the gods and collecting the shards would also be a good thing too.

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They approached and dispatched one Woe Hound. They then tried to catch and prevent another pair from getting to the next shard. The Dark Elf was able to slow one down using his bow, while the Human rode forward to slow down the other, giving the Mountain Troll time to catch up and help dispatch it. After collecting two shards, more scenes played out in the sky. Heimdall and Loki killing each other (I think) and the blood of the gods falling from the sky. Random players were touched by the falling blood and granted some bonuses to their attributes.

Tom then brought the worlds back together and wrapped things up. Tom can explain the way he wrapped everything up a bit better than I can.

Below are the scribbles that I pulled together during Ken's seminar. Overall, I think everyone had a good time. Two of the guys in my group are local and I got their contact information. Both are interested in playing some more T&T. 

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