Monday, February 18, 2013

The Ecology of a (Ragnarok) Event, Part 1

August 2012
Tom and I agree to approach BASH at the University of Toledo to see if they would in any way support bringing in Ken St. Andre as a special guest. Our goals at that time:
  1. Would BASH be interested and would they pay for the hotel room for Ken
  2. Organize some form of large scale T&T event for Saturday night at the convention
October 2012
No activity at all on the BASH Con forums and no response to the emails I sent out regarding Ken. I reached out to Tom and told him we may need to make a phone call and I would rather he take the lead since it was his money being offered regarding the plane ticket. We decided since this was a student organization, we may need to reach out to an administrator at the University to find the proper person to contact.

Late November 2012
Tom decides the large scale T&T event will be called 'Ragnarok'.

December 1, 2012
I say, "So...tell me about this Ragnorak scenario."

Tom's response:
Well think of three tables full of players, Ken playing the Trollgod, as an uber-GM. You and I as managing GMs. A third GM as the God of Death. 
Players will play Vahallans (godlings), Migardians (humans), trolls, dwarves, elves and goblins. All throughout a couple lands. A lot of battles. The Jutans (pronounced Yutahns) will be gathering under the leadership of the dread Ymir.
December 3, 2012
Tom posted the details for his event to BASH Con.
GM Name/Names: Ragnarok: The Role-Playing Event 
Game Name: Tunnels & Trolls 
Game Description: Baldur is dead. The ice walls are encroaching on the world. Fernis has devoured the sun. Come play an Asgardian, a Middle Worlder, or a Troll in this role-playing event so titanic that it requires three GMs, and a death god. 
Day: Saturday, 8pm-Midnight
December 30, 2012
After some emails and phone calls between Tom and the convention organizer, not only will the group be bringing in Ken as a Special Guest, they also offered to pay for his hotel, his plane ticket, and to provide transportation to and from the airport.

January 7, 2013
Tom announces on Trollhalla that Ken will be the special guest for BASH Con. I posted on this blog the same information. We reached out to Dan H (another Ohio troll) to be our 3rd GM, the God of Death.

January 20, 2013
Tom and I meet via Google+ web chat to discuss what we need to prepare. Here are my notes to that meeting:
Asgardians - Humans, leprechauns or elves with an attribute over 50. It is assumed that they are associated with one of the Asgardian gods, the player can pick which one. 
Middle-Worlders - Any Kin, but mostly humans, dwarves, hobbs and orks. They are the most numerous and most of the action of the game is going to happen in their realms.
Nether-Worlders - Any Kin really, just with the unlucky fate of being born in one of the hinter-realms of the cosmos.
Baldur is dead, The Sun gets eaten, The sun gets destroyed...The two groups will fight eachother - but not kill eachother.
January 23, 2013 and the Wednesdays that follow
We had a agreed to meet and talk each week on Wednesday night to get everything coordinated. We did not meet...primarily because I bowl on Wednesdays. I never said we are very good at planning.

At some point in February prior to February 13, 2013
Tom calls with news that Ken has not yet received his plane ticket. Initially, Tom had planned on buying the plane ticket. He was duly frustrated in that it was BASH that made that offer and now BASH that may not be able to buy the ticket after all. We had discussed that if this thing falls through and Ken does not come in, then we should not show up and run any or our games. We did hope for the best, but we also did no further planning for the event. At least I did not.

Let it be noted that we only talked about not showing up...we would have still showed was our way of trying to be rebellious.

February 13, 2013
Confirmation from Ken that he now had his plane ticket. I confessed to Tom that I had no clue what I was expected to do for the Ragnarok session. Some of my best games I have pulled out of my arse.

February 15, 2013
The first night of the convention and we meet for Tom's annual Friday night game. Trollhallans in attendance include Khenn Aarth (the Trollgod), G'noll, Kopfy (Tom), Perryton, and myself. At dinner that night, we briefly discussed that if we do not get many players for the Ragnarok event, Tom can either continue his game or Ken could run something for us.

February 16, 2013, 6:30 PM
Ken is running a 'How to T&T' seminar with 7 or 8 eagerly engaged attendees. While he is giving his presentation and pulls them in to start rolling dice and create some characters, Tom pulls me aside and tells me what he wants me to do.

February 16, 2013, 7:00 PM
"You are gonna be in 'blah blah blah', and you will have a smaller group of characters. They will be trying to get an Elven Crown out of a Dark Elf Temple."
"Ok...what are the types of guardians this place should have, other than Dark Elf priests or guards?"
"Hmmm...Ratlings, blah blah, and you can have larger monster, like a Peryton. Maybe it has like 3 spells it can cast."
I brought out my notebook, sketched out a basic design for the Dark Elf Temple and wrote down stats for Ratlings, Zombies, and the Dark Elf guards. I went out to my blog site on my kindle where I posted a 'Meandering Monster' entry for a Hippogriff. I figured it is also a large, winged, and beaked monster; I could borrow from that a bit. I then created my version of the Peryton and I was at least ready to go with something.

(Perytons are not really beaked though...oh well...I was in a hurry).

February 16, 2013, 7:30 PM
Tom and Paul (G'Noll) leave to get ready for the Ragnarok event.

February 16, 2013, 8:15 PM
Ken's session is going really well. He had run a few small encounters for his group and was in the middle of presenting some of his wares for sale, including a few 7.5 Fiery Dragon boxed sets (one of which was purchased). Paul came in the room telling me that Tom was looking for me - he was almost done or in the middle of character creation for 10 players that showed up for the event. He needed me to be there.

After watching over Ken's wares while he ran to the bathroom, I grabbed my stuff and headed down to the room.

February 16, 2013, 8:30 PM
Character creation is in full swing and everyone seems to be in a really good mood and having fun creating their characters. There were at least 2 Dark Elves, 2 or 3 Trolls, 1 or 2 Minotaurs, and at least one human and one elf. All the characters were equipped and ready to go. Tom randomly determined which character was going to be 'Balder Reincarnate', and randomly determined the 7 characters at his table and the 3 characters at my table for the assault on the Dark Elf Temple.

My group: A Mountain Troll Warrior (with 102 STR and 102 CON), a Dark Elf Warrior (wielding dual ice picks and a bow), and a Human Rogue (his chosen spell - 'That's a Natty Beard').

~ Next: Part 2 - Assault on the Dark Elf Priory

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