Sunday, March 3, 2013

Missile Ranges, Part Deux

The first 'Stay Alive!' online game is wrapping up. A few more paragraphs and we will be reaching a stopping point. One thing that became quite apparent for me during this process was to expand some rules on 'missile' attacks to make things a bit more workable for what I want to do.

MSPE does a decent job of it, but I wanted something as simple as the basic T&T, but with a few additional perks that make it a bit more 'realistic'. The biggest problem is that guns are deadly. When and if they hit, there is not going to be many still standing, especially when dealing with 'live' targets and not zombies.

At this point I have two charts that I have created. The first was already posted in which I added a new level (Moderate), adjusted the Saving Rolls for the ranges, and added a Zero Level SR.

The following table is my attempt to add some additional modifiers to the SR attempt for making a successful missile attack. Similar to how MSPE integrated movement into the target roll charts, these modifiers directly affect the SR target/roll.

This is by far not a comprehensive listing. I will be adding more to it as they come up.