Saturday, March 23, 2013

Recreating the Wheel

A few years ago, a small group met in Upper Sandusky, Ohio to play some games. At that time, my experience with T&T was still in its initial stages. Kopfy was the only person that ran a T&T event. I ran a 'Game of Thrones' adventure I was prepping for Gen Con that year. Robin ran a 'Doctor Who' game while Trevor ran a sci-fi game from his developing system.

I have been running AD&D games for well over 20 years now. Early in my GM days, I leaned heavily on published adventures. In many cases, I made some changes here and there to spice things up or make things more in line with what I wanted to do. Over time, I gained plenty of confidence and started writing longer and more complex adventures that were my own material.

Most of the material I have is in printed form, back from the 90's and those pre-home pc days. I actually kind of marvel at my neat handwriting and some of the attention to detail that I impress my future self with. Others works are printed versions of long lost electronic documents that are either archived on an almost unusable floppy disc, or lost on some erased or abandoned hard drive.

The underlining reality that I have come to accept is that some of my best work comes from these tomes of past glory. I draw upon them when running games for my kids and my current group. In some cases, I have rewritten and added to the existing text in hopes of both improving on the concept as well as get an updated electronic version saved away.

The first adventure I wrote for T&T was my 'Days and Nights in Baru-Kesh' which was featured in Peryton Publishing's Elder Tunnels. While primarily influenced by the Arabian Nights stories, there was a few encounters in the group of 6 that were influenced by my AD&D games. While mechanics are slightly different and certain things need to be changed to accommodate the system, it is still about the story and basically utilizing something that has been play tested and ripe for a new interpretation.

We prepare to meet once again with good friends and play some games. I am looking forward to finding another such example from my archive that can be given some new life in the world of T&T. While I would really love to have the time and the creativity to be able to come up with new stuff, it is always a good thing to remember that you do not always have to recreate that wheel.

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  1. I never thought of editing a published adventure. Boy, the things you learn when you read other people's postings. I think I learned more about gaming in the past 2 years from reading stuff like yours than I have in 20 years as an isolated (ie-solo) gamer. I wrote some adventures in the past for my gaming club. Too bad I didn't some of it like you did as it isn't very good. Looking forward to learning more stuff.