Sunday, March 17, 2013

Wild West Terrain

I am still looking to spend some money on the WWX miniatures game. I really like the theme and the game play appears to be fairly promising. There are some others out there that have been working some Wild West buildings, so I figured I would take a shot.

I really like the idea of buildings that can be used inside and out, so I am definitely trying to make the size that allows a 30mm base to be utilized. Also, I like the idea of having a walkway that can allow for two miniatures side by side instead of just one. My walkway below seems a bit wide, but again, it allows for some more dynamic use during the game.

This is my attempt...kind of learning and trying figure out what this building should be. Maybe a general store or a jail.


  1. I like your diorama. Your structure could be anything. Put some swing doors in the doorway & you got yourself a bar. I think having a wide platform is beneficial for you miniatures.

  2. Thanks Anem Kram, that is what I was thinking yesterday. I could make a few fronts and a few backs and mix and match a bit.