Saturday, April 13, 2013

The Starr Campaign

A new AD&D game has now developed in the household, the boy wanting to play a thief character. Lennon Starr is a Thief-Acrobat who is a half-elf and member of a noble family in a feuding city where 3 families struggle for control. He is a psionic and has a handy Dimension Door ability which aids in his ability to perform his breaking and entering thieving jobs. His first adventure, he was hired to steal a jeweled dagger and ran into a another pair of thieves  going after the same prize.

Feldon, Dink, and Joseph the Half-Orc

Feldon and Dink had a good plan, complete with a manufactured 'fake' that could be left behind as a decoy. They decided to work together and split the profits, and soon the new party was in action. Feldon is a wizard while Dink is a seemingly short-minded dwarf who only says one word, his name "Dink" in various tones and inflections when he tries to communicate. Like Han and Chewbacca, only Feldon seems to comprehend what Dink is saying.

The girl has started playing as well. Her character is a mage named Rose who always seems to have the spell needed for the situation. She is just beginning to role play and it has been fun seeing her actually start to be more and more involved. In one recent adventure, she charmed a half-orc that was fighting with a group of orcs. It would later play out that he was actually not charmed and was happy to get away from his evil brethren. He has now joined the group full time as well. The girl says his name is Joseph and he is happy to go along with that.

I finally got a few of the miniatures painted - Feldon, Dink, and Joseph. The boy painted Lennon.


  1. I see miniature painting talent runs in the genes. :0). Nice work.

  2. The boy is pretty good...or was...he seems to have lost interest in painting for the time being. I am sure he will get motivated to paint something new if the vision or desire arises.

  3. Always seems to be the way. I know very few miniature painters who don't down brush now and again.