Saturday, May 25, 2013

Darkshade Publishing

The name is officially registered with the state of Ohio. The URLs are purchased. The logo artwork is being tackled by one of my favorite co-workers/artists. I am lining up another great artist for some work for my upcoming projects.

I have some exciting things planned for 2013. When I have some artwork and logos to share, I will be doing that here first.

For now, as of May 2, 2013 - Darkshade Publishing is officially on the record.


  1. Darkshade Publishing...I love the name.

  2. Thanks Anem Kram!

    I wanted to wait for one of my logos to be completed, but I was tired of not having anything to post for the blog...since I have so much to post about now that I have things churning a bit :)

    Stay tuned...and thanks for paying attention

  3. Ohio? Where in Ohio? I'm from Hamilton!