Thursday, June 20, 2013

Darkshade Publishing - Initial Projects

I previously posted a few teaser images - here is the last of them.

Darkshade Chronicles I am hoping will feature larger scale GM or Solo Adventures, modules if you will. My first release for Chronicles will be the continuation of what I started in Peryton Publishing's 'Elder Tunnels - Spring 2012' issue.

Check out my website for Darkshade Publishing. I have Twitter, Google+, and Twitter accounts all set-up if you want to join up at those spots to get more information as it comes. As I work to get Stay Alive! finished before Gen Con, I will also draw up some submission guidelines as well for those interested.

Thanks for reading this - much appreciated!


  1. The Jinn stories in the 'Arabian Nights' stories are quite humorous...

  2. Site looks really nice. Now get to work already.

  3. I love the artwork. It reminds me of Crompton's style.