Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Mail Call - Reaper Bones Kickstarter

Kickstarter: Reaper Miniatures Bones
Estimated Delivery Date: March 2013
Received on July 2, 2013 (only 3 months late)

I think more than anything, everyone knew the value that was being presented in the Reaper Bones Kickstarter. I guess any campaign that raises over $3 Million and has over 17K of backers had to have something going for it.

In review, $100 bought the supporter the 'Vampire Level' pledge, which ended up being over 200 plastic miniatures, most of which were existing sculpts from the reaper metal range that were being converted to the plastic Bones material. Additional add-ons were available for more miniatures as well as some larger monster  types. Most of these ended up being only a $10 add-on to your existing pledge with some 'huge' miniatures added in the latter stages that have proven to be quite amazing values.

My support level: Vampire ($100) plus the following:
  • Spider Centaurs x2 $20
  • Frost Wyrm x1 $10
  • Frost Giants x1 $10
  • Griffon x1 $4
  • Kaladrax Reborn x1 $10
  • Fire Giants x1 $10
  • C'thulhu x1 $10
  • Mister Bones x1 $1
  • (Traded the Biker Sophie miniature for $25 credit)
My total cost was $150. I had some experience with the Bones miniatures after picking one up at Origins 2012 in Columbus. I was not very happy with the way the miniature took the paint and the loss of some details between metal and the plastic. I figured that my aim would be to get the larger miniatures that I really liked since the detail would be a bit better with the larger ones, and the kids could get alot of miniatures to paint. I recently got my niece and nephew painting and I promised my step-daughter all the Bones that I already had in metal

So talking about value, here is the reciprocal 'MSRP' for the miniatures I received:
That is a total of $605.85 MSRP.

Just the size of the Kaladrax miniature is amazing. That is a lot of plastic.

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