Monday, August 26, 2013

Gen Con 2013: What I bought

Just the stuff I bought in this post...

Update (08-27-13) - also got an original Tom Wham art - will post that later today...

I am a sucker for games that I already have and know I could easily give away as gifts to my many board gaming friends. All three of these I bought in the auction. Elfenland ($12) is just a great game and this version of Rheinlander (German version - $9) visually is much better than the Rio Grande Face 2 Face one I already had and both at crazy prices. Both are out of print and I was surprised at how low they went. The Jedi game ($5) - the contents of the one I had was better, but this one had a near perfect box (top), so I swapped them out and will give this to a friend as well.

Every year I try to buy something from the charity auction. I arrived late and missed much of the stuff I would have bid on, but I did pick up the googly eyed dragon thingy ($25) and a t-shirt for a steampunk game ($5).

As a Gen Con volunteer, I get a free t-shirt every year. I give them to my dad who really loves to wear them everywhere.

I eyed this boxed set all weekend and it finally came up for auction on Saturday. My intent was to take it to the Dealer Hall and get Ken St. Andre to sign it, but he was not at the booth when I walked by. In hindsight, I already have many items with Ken's scribble, so not too disappointed. Whether or not $22 is a good price for Stormbringer (2nd printing) I don't know, but the contents are near perfect, complete with the lovely opaque dice.

The Kentucky Fried Gamers are a wonderful group of people. They run games on Wednesdays organizing sessions at different area restaurants. This was the t-shirt they were selling for 2013 and I bought the additional pack that  included dice and a few other things ($30). I had to cancel for the 'Outbreak Undead' game I was scheduled to play in, so Draven tracked me down in the auction to get me my shirt and dice. He is always too good to me, but then again, he does know where to find me year in and year out.

D&D Next with the promotional miniature. Have not had a chance to look too closely yet, but I would wager that I will still be playing AD&D 2E at this time next year instead of whatever D&D Next turns into, and of course T&T. The pre-order that could only be picked up at Gen Con was $30.

The WWX (Wild West Exodus) was probably a Kickstarter I should have just stayed away from. The game does look cool and comes with some amazing looking miniatures. I stopped by their booth and talked a bit on Friday and put off buying the 'special release' miniatures they had available. At $13 and $22 respectively, it was a purchase I should have passed on, but with money in my pocket and the dealer hall about to close down on Sunday at 4pm, I decided what the heck. The t-shirt was only $10.

One of the many benefits of working the auction is that you just see a lot of items go across the stage. I could not resist picking up these Birthright sourcebooks that were still in the shrinkwrap. One is an Arab themed domain, which I have always been interested in. Both were not being bid on, so I got them for $3 each.

And another situation that I get into at the auction - something reasonably priced that is just not getting bids. I love the old AD&D buildings - still use them today. Now I got the Castles set, for only $10. I just need to track down a few more of the 'Flames of Falcon' Greyhawk modules that came with buildings. Reminder to send that email to Harold..

From Peryton Publishing, Robin's magnum opus - Qalidar. Looking forward to cracking the spine on this one, a pre-release edition of her game.

The Grendel resin terrain miniatures are just great things to get when you can find them. I got these from the auction store and only $5 each. Since you probably cannot see the printing on the blister packs: 'Snake Pit', 'Necromancer's Study', and 'Boat & Quayside'.

(Not pictured - I got a d20 dice ring from Crit Success. They had a special for GM's to get a ring for only $5.)


  1. Looks like you got a load of cool stuff, Jerry. Am kinda bummed that I never get to any of the auctions at GenCon or Origins.--Ken

  2. Well - we had two different lots of T&T items that sold fairly well this year. One was a bunch of older modules. You could always sell some of your collection or even donate a few of your newer items with your scribble in the charity auction. We would even let you come in and make a presentation if that is what you wanted to do :)

  3. That is some very cool swag. I love the Kentucky Fried Gamers shirt.

  4. Yes - love the KFG shirt...the dice are cool too. I did not think that I had bought alot either, but it tends to pile up.