Sunday, September 15, 2013

Lost Blog Files #1: Zombies in my subconscious

I was going through some blog posts that I had started at some point over the last few years and never completed. I cannot recall why I never posted this one as it seems fairly well put together, unless I wanted to add some artwork...

I must really have zombies on the brain.

Sunday October 21, 2012
Had a really cool dream last night (after watching the new episode of 'Walking Dead') where myself and an indeterminate group of companions fought our way out of a a zombie infested area only split up and run into another such building. I also remember my group jumping into a car and letting our other group know we were jumping on Highway 88 I there a Highway 88 anywhere?

On the way from point A to point B, we passed a crowded restaurant or some kind of party where the people were oblivious to the situation. My dream then started playing classical music as a wave of zombies slowly but surely tore its way into the unsuspecting crowd with no other sound effects - very cool for a dream. I cannot remember if I have ever specifically can recall sounds before in a dream. It was quite eerie.

OK - back to that building we somehow got to...

I remember a zombie coming up to me after running down a flight of stairs and it was like I was watching myself in a dream (pretty weird, a dream within a dream). I could do nothing as a I did not react to a zombie slowly grabbing me and and getting ready chomp on the exposed flesh of my arm. Somehow, I came to my senses and was able to pop the deadite in the the cranium with whatever it was I had in my hand.

Next, a figure comes tearing around a corner with a 2x4 and I am able to stop him from caving my skull in. He says the building is not safe and is just too big with too many infected. We begin grabbing some desks and other furniture to set up a barrier so that it is easier to keep them at bay while we fight them hand to hand. While doing this, I see a group of zombies coming at our group from behind.

Then my daily call to wake up for work interrupted this story. Since I do recall having this dream before, I can look forward to this one to play again sometime soon. I would like to get more details on the whats and wheres.

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