Sunday, November 17, 2013

Next Up: Holiday Game Bash 2013

For the 3rd straight year, I will be joining the North Coast Gamers at their annual Holiday Game Bash. In 2011, the event was at a nice location, but not much ease of access to food and such. Still love the elementary school room chairs for the RPGs.

Last year, a much better location was found...a banquet room attached to a bar and grill on the outskirts of Cleveland, the Rock City Taphouse.

Tom and Robin will be there this year and running some RPGs from the Peryton Pub line. I was just planning/commited to running some board games: Acquire, Aladdin's Dragons, and Rheinlander. I will take a break from the RPGs this year. I did run a game of T&T last year that went over well enough. I will be done in time with my board games to play in Tom's Crawlspace game to end the night.

So for the time being, I can focus on getting some work done on the next Darkshade Publishing release, and also make the tough decisions on which raffle prizes to go for this year.

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