Friday, December 6, 2013

Proof Copies and other Meandering Thoughts

Over the Holiday Break, I worked on the Print version of the Lite Edition. I have to admit, it was more exciting than I thought to get my first book back in its printed glory. Read it from front to back and made some needed changes...gave the first ever printed copy to the boy.

Doing a search on RPGNow/DriveThruRPG reveals that I seem to have had some moderate success with Stay Alive! Lite within the  "Tunnels & Trolls" menu of items. I also updated the electronic version on those sites with the new one.

I was worried that the images I created for the tables would not show very well in the printed form but they actually turned out quite well. I am experimenting with using word based tables for the Kindle version, but also want to first see how it looks once I get the word document formatted correctly and with the existing images. I am most concerned about how the images would work within the Kindle formatting.

More learning to come that will be very beneficial to future projects.

I am working on Meandering Monsters Volume 1 and still am hopeful to get something done before the end of the month...otherwise I have to update all my ads to Winter 2014. Hoping to meet Mike Hartlieb this weekend in the Land of Cleve. I am still waiting on one piece of artwork for MMv1. He is also working on 3 originals for the SA! Zombie Edition I have on the radar as well.

Tentative Schedule for Darkshade Publishing:

Meandering Monsters Volume 1, December 2013
Stay Alive!: Zombie Edition, February 2014
More Days and Nights in Baru-Kesh, April 2014

There also may be some other items to work into the schedule to support Stay Alive!, but still talking to the Kopfy on that.

For the three of you that read this - thanks for paying attention.


  1. Am I supposed to be working on an intro or something for Meandering Monsters?

  2. For MMv1, yes....if you are still interested, i had asked you to write an introduction