Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Gaslight - New Miniatures

Painting miniatures consistently has unfortunately become a lesser priority for me as I continue to try to push out releases for Darkshade Publishing and run games for the kids. In our most recent game it became apparent that my stock of painted 19th Century type miniatures are lacking.

I did go through a faze a few years back where I was running Rippers, which is a Gaslight/Victorian Horror campaign setting originally designed for the Savage Worlds system. The original adventures I wrote/ran for those games are the inspiration for my current Stay Alive! Gaslight game, removing the specific hooks that were original to the Rippers setting.

I dug out some miniatures that I bought and had stored away. Blue Moon Manufacturing have some wonderful products for this type of setting. If you are interested, these are the ones that I would recommend for Gaslight, although most of their 28mm ranges look really good.
They also have lines for Gangsters, Sherwood, and Swashbucklers - lines that are really good with matching to many television or movie properties and ideas.

So the boy had a few days of from school after the weekend (Jan 27-30, 2014) and went on a painting rampage with what I pulled out and put on 30mm bases. He did a really good job - I did take care of the eyes and the buttons, but he did everything else on these miniatures.

We finish our miniatures with Army Painter's 'Quickshade', apply the basing, and then end with a non-gloss protective spray.

And this is what I am working on currently for BASH Con ... hoping to get them finished this weekend. Mostly just have some base coats done so far.

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