Monday, February 3, 2014

Glowing in a Wasteland

There are so many influences when considering a scenario or campaign for a post-apocalyptic wasteland setting. My first thought always leads to Mad Max and the struggle of the leftover civilians against the warriors that have yielded to the new way of violence and brutality.

More so though, I lean towards the incredible Grendel comics by Dark Horse in the 90's, especially the "Grendel Tales" that depicted competing tribes of Grendel followers and the Grendel Prime cyborg that was sent to protect the young leader to be a la Terminator 2 (T2 1991, Grendel War Child 1992 - but Comico's bankruptcy delayed the publishing of the Grendel series). Matt Wagner is my all time favorite comic book creator, so I am a bit biased. The world he created that was then expanded in the Tales comics by different creators continues to amaze.

Both of these primarily deal with the human v human dynamic, although the Grendel series did introduce an underlining story regarding vampires as major enemies of society that helped bring down the leftover catholic church leadership and would become the scourge of the Grendel Tribes, when not fighting each other.

Still thinking on this I guess...


  1. Funny that you should mention post-apocalyptic setting. I just mentioned you in the same context.

  2. Yup - I really like what you posted, good stuff that!