Saturday, March 8, 2014

Peryton Gamers at Gen Con 2014

The Peryton Gamers have been together and operating as a somewhat organized group for longer than I have been hanging with them. Last year, I volunteered to organize our events to maximize our ability to take advantage of the Gen Con policies on GM badges. Since Tom and Robin get Exhibitor badges, and I get my badge from the auction with all the hours I volunteer with them, we realized that the 3 of us ran enough games to earn GM badge credits that we did not utilize.

In 2013, we entered August with 22 registered events, most of which were sold out in event registration heading into the con. A last minute cancellation from one of our GMs reduced that number to 20.

2014 looks like we will once again hit 22 registered events. We have two new GMs this year (Tim and Randy), with Mike (Monk), Scott (Sligo), Tom, Robin, and myself returning for another go.

Check out the current list here: 2014 Peryton Gamers Event List

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