Sunday, April 27, 2014

Another Meandering Monsters Preview

I think all of us GMs have dabbled a bit in map making. Creating one for a publication is something that is a first for me.

This is a small section of my known world...very much influenced by my current real life arrangements. Let me know if my references are a bit too obvious, but then again, that was my intention.

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Meandering Monsters Preview

The first volume of 'Meandering Monsters' has taken a bit longer to put together than I was hoping. The premise is simple enough: I wanted to produce something akin to the old Dragon magazines from TSR that supported their games (AD&D, Top Secret, Boot Hill, etc.). The main focus though is on the one area of T&T that I believe gets generalized a bit too much - the monsters.

T&T is wonderful in its ability to allow the GM to produce a monster with a challenge rating that can easily be matched to the party, using the MR system. However, the name of the monster really does not matter if you are just using this number. What is the difference between a MR50 Uruk and an MR50 Giant Ant? In game terms, they both have the same combat value; same hits to kill. The GM can describe what the Giant Ant looks like as opposed to the Uruk, but other than that, they are the same, at least in the simplest of terms.

So what will Meandering Monsters have? It will have more than a few featured monsters re-envisioned for your T&T game. There will be GM scenarios that feature the monsters to take straight to your group as a fill-in adventure for your current ongoing campaign (if that is the case). 

For those solo gamers out there, the first issue will also feature such an adventure (and I confess, this is what has considerably held me back a bit, but I think the quality of the end product will be worth the wait). 

There will also be new artwork from Mike Hartlieb, a foreward from Tom K Loney from Peryton Publishing, a game aids section for players and GMs, as well as new magic items and spells.

My goal is to create something that would appeal to the player and the GM for T&T. Hopefully, you will be seeing this sooner rather than much later.