Monday, May 26, 2014

Meandering Progress

Pretty much any spare time lately has been spent on getting this first volume wrapped up. My goal is to still have something before the end of the month. In regards to status, here is where my different sections are at:
  • Monsters - 100%
  • GM Adventures - 75%
  • Solo Adventure - 50%
  • Spellbook - 100%
  • Magic Items - 100%
  • Game Aids - 100%
I have one or two maps to complete along with finishing writing on the GM Adventures. The solo adventure is plotted and almost completely written, but still need to finish the layouts which I am assuming could take some time since I need to jumble things up and fit them on the pages trying to get a bit of artwork around them.

My fallback is to remove the solo adventure all together and release without it. It would still leave me with about 40-50 pages, or I can break the solo into two parts...I will see what I can do to still meet my May deadline.


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