Friday, June 13, 2014

New Monster-isms for T&T

There have been a few reviews of Meandering Monsters Volume 1, and thanks to both Kopfy and Robin for doing so. 

Robin referred my use of a 'triggered disadvantage', what I have labeled as a 'Special Hindrance', and I thought it would be good to show everyone what I now use as my default monster statistics grid thingy, for lack of a better word.

Below is a page from Meandering Monsters that lists out the definitions or descriptions for the statistics that I include for each monster. I personally like the idea of a monster having both positive and negative aspects that can be fleshed out and triggered in game play. I also added what I call an 'Alpha' version of the monster, influenced by the old AD&D manuals where a war chief or shaman would have slightly different stats displayed.

To be clear, I think T&T is a game that should always involve tweaking (and twirking?) of the stats to best meet the GM's needs. At the same time, I like the idea of a minimum value if you will. A goblin is normally just a goblin, just like most humans would normally just be citizens with very limited abilities.While I will always increase the stats for goblin leaders and goblin heroes to present a challenge, the base gobbo should still be just a base gobbo, not increased to a higher level just because the party you are running is of higher power/level.

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  1. Yeah, sorry I messed that up. I wasn't home when I wrote the review and didn't have a copy of the book handy.