Saturday, July 26, 2014

Gen Con Preview for Darkshade Publishing

Have not posted very regularly lately - soccer matches, vacation, and Gen Con preparations have sapped much or any free time as of late. Although, getting rid of the Xbox would probably help as well...

Gen Con is only a few weeks away. While everything that I am running this year has been run previously, there are a few things I really want to update with the Gaslight "Frogtown Plague" and "Game of Thrones" scenarios. I am not too worried about my two T&T fantasy sessions since I have plenty of tried and tested material to draw upon which is how I normally prefer to run my games; allowing the players to basically plot their own course through my world.

I also have everything I need for my Darkshade Publishing presence at the convention thanks to Tom and Robin at Peryton Publishing. There will be a few hard copies of both SA!LITE and MMv1 on sale at their booth. I also had printed some color postcards with a discount code to use to get the PDF versions of the books from DriveThruRPG. This is all new to me, trying to market or sell some items at the convention. The cards will be sitting out for anyone to grab and take with them. Will be interesting to see how long they last as I only printed about 50 of each and decided against dropping more money to get a few more.

For the Peryton Gamers, I once again acted as the event organizer for the group's games and had Darkshade sponsor some t-shirts for our GMs. There will be a few extras so if you are reading this and you are not already getting one, talk to Tom or Robin at the booth and hopefully there will be one they can hand off to you at the show.

On August 9, the crew is getting together for one last play testing session ahead of the big convention. We have been sporadically meeting in Columbus on the weekends of the Columbus Crew home games since I have season tickets. The boy will be with me and it looks like Tom will be running some WOBBL and I will be running my Gaslight adventure, the aforementioned 'Frogtown Plague'.

The focus of the original scenario I created a few years back for Savage Worlds was that there were a series of mysterious deaths being reported in 1890's Toledo, OH. The primary antagonist was a group of young vampires that were leaving the dead bodies laying around the city. I am going to keep the vampires, but I am also going to introduce a second antagonist that will be leaving dead bodies with different wound patterns that will hopefully provide a different challenge.

For my Game of Thrones game, it has become pretty simple for me...if I have a player in the group that has played in the first adventure before, I run the second one. If I have an entirely new group of players, I run the first adventure. The first scenario I have already played around with adding new scenes and changing things around a bit. If I run the second one, I am planning on make a few small changes - just need to get that down on paper so that when the time comes, I do not forget. This event sells out quickly every year. I would imagine I could quite easily run this adventure a few times a day throughout the weekend and have sold out games with the popularity of the books and the tv series. However, I do not foresee GRRM giving me any permission anytime soon to publish my AGOT adventures, so my focus will have remain with my T&T revolution.

So - less than 3 weeks away. I have to paint a few miniatures and iron out a few adventures, but otherwise, things actually seem less stressful this year despite the new challenges. If you cannot make it to any of my games (still one ticket left to my Sunday T&T game), check out the auction. I will normally be there when not running my games. The auction is what actually pays my bills at Gen Con, so stop by and look for me behind the counter or on the stage - I do sell some things every once is a while.