Monday, August 11, 2014

Stay Alive! Gaslight, and another Gen Con Update

Was able to play some SA! on Saturday night (before and after the Columbus Crew game) with Tom, Robin, and the Boy. It is nice to be able to bounce some ideas and flesh out some ideas with a strong group of role players and friends.

For my convention games, I like to use what I call my 'Danger Room' method. I fondly remember plenty of old 'Uncanny X-Men' comics where the characters start an issue with a fight against some sentinels or was seems to be the return of the Marauders. After the fight, we find out that it was a Danger Room exercise, a bit of action to set the stage for the issue, or just start the blood flowing a bit for the story.

Playing at a table full of strangers, and normally people that have little or no experience with the game or system, it serves as both a way to hit the ground running (after what could be a half hour of character creation) and also get the mechanics of combat out of the way so that it goes potentially smoother later in the session.

My Danger Room scenario was intended to be a quick fight and capture of a Voodoo Papa Juju as he was interfering with the crews continuing the work of draining the Black Swamp and building a southern road. The group started out on the back end of the investigation, but I found out quickly that it could have easily served as full adventure - I really took away from some good role playing opportunities by just handing them the climax of the story.

Also it should be noted that both Tom and Robin came up with creative background for both their characters. The Boy's character background had already been fleshed out over the prior weeks leading up to this weekend. I am making this note to just remind myself to come back to this particular game as it had some very memorable events to share.

Gen Con update....

Darkshade Publishing Preparations
Pack up Peryton Gamers T-Shirts
Pick out the games to sell in the Auction
Enter the games to sell online at
Pack game for KFG Wednesday Gaming

Need to do
Print character sheets for T&T games
Print out character sheets for AGOT game
Pick out the games to sell in the Auction
Enter the games to sell online at
Pack miniatures for AGOT and T&T games
Pack game for KFG Wednesday Gaming
Update and Print AGOT adventure
Update, Playtest (Aug 9) and Print T&T SA! adventure (In process)

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