Saturday, September 27, 2014

Blast from the Past - 'Zombie Plague'

I began working on some combat talents this morning...trying to decide if I want to submit to an upcoming Snollygoster or just hang on for some Darkshade work.

Anyway, I do like to double check that what I have just created has not already been done by someone else. So, I began scrolling trough some already printed items, primarily the previous editions of the Trollszine. When I first started my involvement with T&T, I downloaded the first 3 or 4 Trollszines not personally knowing any of the various authors credited in its pages. 

Now when I look at these older volumes, I can say that I have met and corresponded with many of the names listed. One such that stuck out for me this morning was in Trollszine #2, a solo adventure written by Tom Grimshaw. Paragraph 19 has a very interesting mechanic for 'Zombie Plague' in a fight against a zombie that I thought should be noted.

The Special Attack is "2/Zombie Plague". If inflicted, the character in the solo has to be successful on a Level 1 SR vs CON to avoid being infected. If infected, the character loses 1 point of CON per paragraph in the solo until either magically healed or he is reduced to zero CON. If the character is turned into a zombie, the author makes a note that the character should be added as a zombie with an MR equal to his STR attribute to the room where the death occurred for future characters in the solo to encounter.

Well done mate!

Friday, September 26, 2014

Vacationing Dwarf

Been quiet lately and that has been because of my trip to England in mid-September. I could not help it, but while walking through Windsor Castle, Buckingham Palace, the Roman Baths, and the Canterbury Cathedral, I was immediately in game mode, trying to figure out and categorize all the amazing sights into some form of adventure in the future.

People in Europe I think take it for granted that some of the buildings and structures around them have been around for hundreds and even a thousand years. Here in the states, we are lucky to find areas that are still put together after only a few hundred years.

So while I get my act back together and get my Darkshade Publishing projects back on track, here are some of the sights that I experienced that will hopefully provide some inspiration.