Saturday, September 27, 2014

Blast from the Past - 'Zombie Plague'

I began working on some combat talents this morning...trying to decide if I want to submit to an upcoming Snollygoster or just hang on for some Darkshade work.

Anyway, I do like to double check that what I have just created has not already been done by someone else. So, I began scrolling trough some already printed items, primarily the previous editions of the Trollszine. When I first started my involvement with T&T, I downloaded the first 3 or 4 Trollszines not personally knowing any of the various authors credited in its pages. 

Now when I look at these older volumes, I can say that I have met and corresponded with many of the names listed. One such that stuck out for me this morning was in Trollszine #2, a solo adventure written by Tom Grimshaw. Paragraph 19 has a very interesting mechanic for 'Zombie Plague' in a fight against a zombie that I thought should be noted.

The Special Attack is "2/Zombie Plague". If inflicted, the character in the solo has to be successful on a Level 1 SR vs CON to avoid being infected. If infected, the character loses 1 point of CON per paragraph in the solo until either magically healed or he is reduced to zero CON. If the character is turned into a zombie, the author makes a note that the character should be added as a zombie with an MR equal to his STR attribute to the room where the death occurred for future characters in the solo to encounter.

Well done mate!

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