Thursday, November 6, 2014

Updating the Stay Alive! Rules - need some help

The actual writing aspect of trying to be a pseudo-writer has been quite a challenge for me. I have found the inspiration comes and goes and very much infrequently. I have a bunch of bits of scrap paper in the car where a moment of believed brilliance struck at a stop light.

While there are a bunch of ideas churning, I have two items on my list that I want to wrap up sooner rather than later. As I mentioned a few months back, the solo adventure I originally had intended to include in MMv1 is almost complete. I am still hopeful this will be available before the end of the year. Anyone reading this that are also members of Trollhalla - let me know if you would be interested in being a play tester for me.

While I still think it would be cool to get a "Gaslight" or "Zombie" Edition in the works to support multiple session/campaign play, I still need to update and finish the actual ruleset for SA! When I released the Lite Edition of the rules about a year ago, it was not a completely finished product. There are a few additonal sections I would like to add (Motorized Weapons, Miniatures Rules, Professions) that were not in a good enough state to include. Also through the course of running games with the kids and at conventions, I have made plenty of notes in my print copy of things to add/expand/update.

Stay Alive! Monstrous Edition will be that updated set of rules. I will have more details in the coming months as I work through making these updates, but it is quite nice to be able to start addressing some of the items that I knew I needed to come back to. The cover art is from James Shields and his Patreon project that I am supporting. If you like it, check out the site linked here (RPG Character Compendiums) and see all the wonderful work that he has been doing. Some of the internal artwork will also be refreshed.

Help Item #1
One thing that I would like some feedback on...speaking from a survival horror angle, and things that would be commonly used as melee weapons in the modern day: Assuming that most people do not have brass knuckles or katanas laying around the home, but just in general, what may be missing?

Baseball Bat
Brass Knuckles
Broken Bottle
Cricket Bat
Hunting Knife
Lead Pipe
Police Baton
Switch Blade
Tire Iron


  1. Garden tools. Anything that can dig out a weed, can prune a branch can certainly work on flesh.

  2. Clothes iron, cooking utensils, frying pan, pot lids, fireplace poker/shovel, broomstick, chair leg, screw driver, golf clubs, lawn darts, bike chain, other sorts of chain & pet piranha.

  3. Hey Jerry!

    I've just been asked to GM an apocalyptic zombie game for tomorrow afternoon so I read through the Lite rules and am ready for action! I enjoyed my time in the online game and now that I have finished the enormous "Missing Inaction", I am happy to do any play-testing, etc that would help you.

    1. I just posted on Trollhalla as well, but would like your feedback as I am in the process of updating the rules to my 'Monstrous' edition