Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Gen Con 2015: Peryton Gamer Events

We are closing in on the end of the first wave of event submissions for Gen Con. This first wave almost guarantees placement of submitted events at the convention. While most of our events are once again RPGs, I am running a board game this year taking a break from my normal RPG a day...
Here are our events thus far (still waiting on few more GMs to get me events):
Crawlspace x5
Qalidar: Resistance x4
Red Bat: Glow x3
Arkham Horror x2
Cards Against Humanity x2
Circus Imperium x2
Peryton Fantasy x2
Red Bat: Cthulhu x2
Bean x1
Doctor Who: Adventures in Time and Space x1
Icons x1
Red Bat: Spacers x1
Tunnels & Trolls: 7 Plus x1
Tunnels & Trolls: Stay Alive! x1

Here are the number of events being run by each GM:
Kopfy: 9
Perrryton: 4
Beckett: 4
Randy: 3
Jherrrii: 2
Sligo: 2
Caed: 4
Cram: ?

The last few years we have had some cancellations...if we have no last minute changes of plan, we will have more events this year than any previous.

Sunday, January 11, 2015

Gen Con 2015

Gen Con 2015 is on the very distant horizon. I have decided this year that I will be taking a break from running RPGs. I will be running a few sessions of mine and boy's new favorite board game: Circus Imperium. We are painting the miniatures (well - he has already painted 5 of the chariots) and I am making a track that we can bring with us for the games. Should be fun and will give him some experience of running an event since he will be helping me.

I am once again organizing the events for our group, Peryton Gamers. Tom (Kopfy) has already submitted 3 events for his Paranormal Thursday. Others out there (Sligo, Cram, Perryton)...get to getting and get me your events before February 8.

Sunday, January 4, 2015

Stay Alive! Monstrous Edition - Explosives

My resolution for 2015 is to publish more than one book on the year. I have been working over the holidays on getting "On the Road..." completed and the good news is, I have the GM section just about complete. The rest of the solo stuff is already plotted, so I would just need to get those finished and then out for some playtesting.

My brain seems to like a bit of change, so it was nice to work on the new and expanded version of the Stay Alive rules I mentioned a few months back. I was working on updating all the tables/charts today and added a few weapons that were missing and then grabbed my copy of MSPE to double check a few items.

I am now adding a new section that I left out of the original rules and was handled very well by MSPE - grenades and explosives. I especially like the rules written regarding the 'ground zero' and the blast radius for TNT/Plastique, Grenades, and Mortars. Kopfy's character in a recent SA! game carried around vials of Nitroglycerin so it makes sense to have some basic rules on this stuff.

When I worked on my gun damage numbers for SA!, I tried to keep things very general grouping firearms in basic categories and ranges based on power. For this, I bothered a few friends who are experienced gun owners (a cop and a hunter/firearms instructor) to lay things out. I figured that for those people that actually cared about the differences between this gun and that gun could still do that if they wanted. For most of us, gun knowledge if very foreign and details that are not so much needed.

For explosives, I will lean a bit more on what has already been done. I do like the idea of just being exremely lucky, so I will put some form of twist to it. Sometimes explosives do not do what they are supposed to do, so I am thinking some form of variance based on LK would be kind of cool. The rules regarding thrown explosives and how they scatter will be updated with a bit more detail as well.

Friday, January 2, 2015

Which do you prefer?

Sometimes B&W is pretty cool, but this color version is awesome too!

Illustration © 2014, James E. Shields –
Illustration © 2014, James E. Shields –