Friday, April 10, 2015

Updated Stay Alive! Lite Edition Cover by Jeshields

I have been meaning to update this one for some time to remove the belief that this is a zombie now that I have a larger portfolio of art to choose from, here it is...

Illustration © 2014, James E. Shields –

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Coming Soon - DC00

First of all - thanks to all that have supported DC01. Hopefully the solo is free of any major formatting issues and the adventure flows in a sensible way. As I said before, I cut my teeth with this one, so future ones that I produce should see some benefits of process improvements. Please let me know of any opinions (good or bad) and alert me to any mistakes I may have missed.

It also got me thinking about how small of a group we are - those that actually have played or know how to play Tunnels & Trolls, comparing to the larger whole of the RPG world. How many people see a solo adventure and the tagline "must know the basics of T&T rules to play" and then decide it is not worth their time?

Free T&T rules are already out there. What I am focusing on for DC00 is a more specific Quick Start Guide to playing solo adventures: character creation and basic saving roll and combat mechanics. It should be hitting DriveThruRPG soon. I am just about finished, so here is a preview of the by jeshields.

Illustration © 2014, James E. Shields –

This will be a PDF only release and will more than likely be included in all future solo adventures that I publish for print.