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Converting to Tunnels & Trolls - Part 6 - TOG Monster Conversion

The Kickstarter campaign culminated almost 2.5 years ago promising a new and improved, nay, "Deluxe" edition of Tunnels & Trolls. The wait is over as the PDF version of the rules has been released. It looks very nice and coming in at close to 400 pages, it is jammed with content. The issue will be in the coming weeks as I digest it will be how much influence those that are not Ken St. Andre had on the final version. I am hoping that the many things that make the game so appealing are not changed too drastically, but then again, I will simply play the game the way I want to anyway.

But the reality is that long time supporters/players of T&T are few and far between in numbers compared to D&D. The Kickstarter campaign brought in over 1600 backers. I would wager that most of these have little or no experience with the system. My conversion to the game has been ongoing; I still play both D&D (2E) and T&T regularly. Links to my previous posts for those that are new to the game can be found below. Most of these I had written about 4 years ago...for those of you that are coming from the D&D world, these may be of some use to you.

But, the real purpose of this post is to propose some ways that you as a D&D convert can make the jump to the world of T&T. One thing that I really had some issues with was with monsters and the MR rating used in the system. So I am taking the common Troll from 2E and converting it to my T&T game...a link to the terms below can be found here.

Artwork copyright William McAusland, used with permission
Using the statistics of a standard troll from TOG 2E, I would start with the HD (6+6) which I would maximize for hit points to 54 (8*6 +6). So at MR 54, the Attack Dice for a monster is determined from the MR value (50 - 59 would be 6d6). The combat adds are equal to half the MR value.

MR: 54
Combat Dice: 6d6 + 27

With an AC of 4, it is safe to assume that a Troll does not typically wear armor. Since AC in TOG is also a reflection of reaction time or DEX bonuses to defense, deriving an Armor value for a monster that reflects it hide or natural defense will be a bit arbitrary. I am going to simply decide that a standard troll has a natural hide that can absorb 4 hits per combat turn.

Armor: Troll Hide (4 hits)

Regarding special abilities and 'what makes a troll a troll', a typical one has regeneration, is typically regarded as being quite strong, would normally attack with a Claw/Claw/Bite retinue in TOG, and have 90' Infravision. Also of note, fire and acid is what would stop the troll's regeneration ability. 

Special Abilities: Regeneration (3), Cateyes
Special Damage: 2/Bite (2d6)
Special Defense: Nil
Special Hindrance: Fire and Acid

Finally, I like to set an 'Alpha' rating, or a more powerful version of the creature if needed or desired. The 2E description of a troll states that females are bit larger and more powerful than its male counterparts.

Alpha?: Yes - Female: 72 MR (8d6 + 36)

Is any of this a definitive way to convert TOG monsters to T&T? Probably not, but hopefully it serves as a good example of how it could be done. 

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MR: 54
Combat Dice: 6d6 + 27
Armor: Troll Hide (4 hits)
Special Abilities: Regeneration (3), Cateyes
Special Damage: 2/Bite (2d6)
Special Defense: Nil
Special Hindrance: Fire and Acid
Appearing: 1-12
Alpha?: Yes - Female: 72 MR (8d6 + 36)

Regeneration (3) - At the end of each combat turn, individuals with Regeneration will heal or recoup lost CON/MR equal to the number specified in parentheses.

Cateyes -  As the 2nd Level Spell, gives the creature the night vision. Does not grant vision in complete darkness. Range of good vision is 40’ and fades out completely by 60’.

2/Bite (2d6) - When 2 sixes are rolled, this triggers an additonal 2d6 damage to add to the combat value for the creature instead of applying as Spite damage.

Fire and Acid - Damage done by fire or acid prevents the creature from using its Regeneration ability. Any other damage can be healed otherwise.

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  1. I call them "chaos trolls." I wrote a story about Grimtooth having to deal with a couple of them back in the 90s.