Saturday, August 22, 2015

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Among all the things I am working on, I have been wanting to update Quick Start Guide I created with some additional content: so items I missed, a quick solo adventure to teach the rules the a bit, and then a quick GM adventure.

So while I finish that up for the 'Pay what you want..." guide, here is the first entry of the solo adventure...

*     *     *     *     *

On the Road to Baru-Kesh
Quick Solo Adventure
24a You have been hired by a merchant company to provide protection for a large caravan traveling to the city of Baru-Kesh. This particular length of the road takes you through the northernmost portion of an immense and mostly untamed wilderness. It is common for merchants utilizing this avenue to hire on a few extra warriors in order to deter attacks from the more organized groups of urooks, lizard men, and ogres that have been known to prey on the under prepared.

Willie is the caravan leader, a gristled old man with yellow teeth and skin that looks like well oiled leather. You get the indication that he can still wield with deadly intent the sabre sheathed on his belt if needed. You have already been paid half of your fee for the job up front, so add 20 gold to your character sheet.
© 2015, Jeshields, used with permission
The first half of the 4 day trek has gone as expected and without any incidents. As the caravan approaches the edge of the Great Forest, a sense of trepidation spreads through the group. Willie calls you and the other 9 guards over as the other merchants and laborers begin to prepare for the night. They arrange the wagons in a defensive circle and set-up camp in the middle of the arrangement.

"Alright lads and ladies...we need to prepare for the night. I want half of you to get some food and rest. Those of you will be the second watch of the night. The rest of you, stick around and I will let you know what I want done."

The group begins to break into two groups. Which do you join?

Stick around for the 1st watch?
Head back to camp with the 2nd watch?

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