Sunday, September 13, 2015

Alternate Plans for November

I think it is time to put a fork in what has been our yearly jaunt to Fort Wayne, IN for PentaCon. The convention has been fading for the past few years and the lack of events posting to the registration site is the clincher regarding the decision set down a few hundred for a hotel. The one reason to go would have been to play Circus Imperium, but we have that all taken care of now with our own (albeit not as cool) track that we can play with.

So instead, I am planing a 2 days of gaming for the locals. Invites are being handled via Facebook...

© 2014, Jeshields, used with permission
I have two tables at my house - one for larger games and one that can be used for smaller games (4-6 players).

Saturday, November 14 (Board Games)

Session 1 at 1pm

Table 1: Circus Imperium (up to 10 players).
Table 2: Pick-up games for anyone that happens to be knocked out of the race.

Dinner will be served (more than likely Pizza) at 5pm 

Session 2 at 6pm

Table 1: Space Hulk (up to 6 players)
Table 2: TBD (Maybe Railroad Tycoon or Belfort)

Sunday, November 15 (RPG)

Session 3 at 1pm

Table 1: T&T - Leaning on a Stay Alive! Gaslight scenario.


  1. Really not wild about many board games. If you'd like I'd stick true to my role-player form by running a Wobble session, designed for players falling in, next to Circus Imperium, slot 1 table two.

    And this really should be at a hotel.

  2. Oh yeah, if there isn't a second Saturday night slot, I could do a Crawlspace.

  3. Yea - the issue is that this will more than likely be attended mostly by my non-rpg friends. I just figured I would try to run an RPG on Sunday if possible. I really would not expect you or Robin to come in from Cleveland; you were invited out of respect :)

  4. Robin and I have been seriously considering coming if only to show support. It is the weekend after Carnage, which you should come to one day, though. We might just show up on Sunday.

  5. Yea - I saw that too. Please do not feel obligated :)