Sunday, November 22, 2015

AIYH Sneak Peek #2

Apocalypse in your Hometown will feature 4 adventures from 4 very talented of which is Scott Malthouse's 'The Catacombs of the Black Coven". While all the adventures in AIYH take place in the modern day, Scott has done something special with this adventure that pits the modern world versus fantasy world. Here is a preview and more information on a release date to come...

Art by Malcolm McClinton, used with permission

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

The long awaited AIYH...Sneak Peek #1

More than a few years in the making, AIYH brings together a stellar cast of misfits...

These are the monsters that are featured in the adventures thus far (almost finished with the layouts of two of the four adventures featured) with many more still to get through.

Green Mist Zombie
Green Mist Druid
Flying Pig of Doom
Wight King
Hell Hound

Apocalyptic Locations? Cleveland, Leeds (UK), Los Angeles, Toledo, and Auckland (NZ)...