Friday, January 15, 2016

Since all the cool kids are doing it...

What I am running at Gen Con 2016...well, what we are running now since we have been forced into some changes due to the tragic loss in the Housing and the boy will now be volunteering with the auction and have less time for running games...

Circus Imperium, Darkshade Circuit I, Thu @ 2:00 PM
Circus Imperium, Darkshade Circuit II, Fri @ 2:00 PM

The year is 6831 and it's Saturday night at the races. On any decent planet in TOG Space, the sport is Anti-Grav Chariot Races - with a twist. Ladies and Gentlemen, be prepared to whip your beasts! Some vocabulary for you to review: Drivers (Human Delecitius), Chariots (Boxius Luncheous), Beasts (Carnivorous Amazingus), and Wrecks (Endus Inevitabolus). Prizes awarded to the victor and the first victim.

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