Monday, January 18, 2016

What I am running at Bash Con 2016 (Feb 19-21)

What we are running at BashCon 2016

Circus Imperium, Jupiter Time Trials I, Fri @ 6:00 PM
Circus Imperium, Jupiter Time Trials II, Sat @ 10:00 AM
Circus Imperium, Jupiter Time Trials III, Sat @ 3:00 PM
Circus Imperium, Jupiter Time Trials IV, Sun @ 10:00 AM

The year is 6831 and it's Saturday night at the races. On any decent planet in TOG Space, the sport is Anti-Grav Chariot Races - with a twist. Ladies and Gentlemen, be prepared to whip your beasts! Some vocabulary for you to review: Drivers (Human Delecitius), Chariots (Boxius Luncheous), Beasts (Carnivorous Amazingus), and Wrecks (Endus Inevitabolus).

Stay Alive!: Monstrous Edition, Plan 11 From Outer Space, Sat @ 8:00 PM

The previous 10 have failed. What nefarious and inept plan will the intergalactic yet conquering-challenged aliens have next in their efforts to 'save' the Earth from itself? A chapter in the Jupiter Moon chronicles.

Stay Alive!: Spaced, First Spaceship to Ganymede, Sun @ 10:00 AM

When an alien artifact discovered on Earth is found to have come from one of Jupiter's moons, an international team of astronauts embarks to investigate its origins. A chapter in the Jupiter Moon chronicles.

Art by James Shields - used with permission,

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