Thursday, March 24, 2016

Monster A Day Challenge

The common theme to most of my creative publishing efforts is that life gets in the way. Work, family, house, more work; they all steal time that could be channeled into writing and layouts for my Darkshade projects. Not to say that I do not use some of the available time for other worthwhile pursuits like family, video games, more family, and television (and more television).

Among the multitude of items that I have in the works, the one I feel I need to get out next is the More Meandering Monsters that have alluded to in previous posts. I have created a list of 60 common monsters for this 'manual'. Some I have already published in previous Darkshade or Peryton (Elder Tunnels) publications, but most are brand new presentations of creatures envisioned for Tunnels & Trolls.

So my challenge is this: Of the 60 monsters, I currently have 5 totally completed. Another 10 or so are just about done; I only need to add some flavor text or make some balancing tweaks to their statistics. The artwork is all accounted for, so at this point it is all on the writing, unless I decide to add some more as I go.

A monster a day for the next 55 days, my target publication date is May 23. We shall see how I do.

Here is a preview of the first few monsters on my list:

Artwork by Jacob E. Blackmon, used with permission