Monday, June 6, 2016

Meandering Progress

I am still plugging away at my Monster Mash. While my monster-a-day challenge was a failure, I have reached out to another artist to help get me some images that I am missing and in the process, I have rekindled another work that I had left at about 75% completion.

The sad thing about the way my creative brain works is that I can only really focus on one item when I have more than one thing to work on. On 6/4, I published the updated version of the 'Quick Start' rules that includes two additional pages dealing with Adventure Points and Languages. These changes were initially going to be released when I included in this QS project a short solo adventure.

Why Languages? I had initially went down the path of adding a short solo adventure to the Quick Start rules. As this adventure was written, I included a scene where the player's ability to understand what his adversaries were talking about in a different language could really have an affect on how the scene would play out. However, this short adventure spiraled into the realm of 'longer than short' and with the extended delay in actually getting that completed, I have separated it from the QS guide and will now be trying to get it finished as a new solo prequel to DC01. 

Here is the new cover:

Like the previous adventure, this will include a solo adventure as well as the GM version of the same scenarios. I will also include the QS guide,

So for Meandering Monsters - still working away and getting some new artwork and for Darkshade Chronicles, another chapter in the Baru-Kesh saga.

On the Stay Alive! front, I have committed to running my adventure "Plan 11 from Outer Space" on Wednesday night at Gen Con. I have created a page to support this with background information: Plan 11.