Friday, August 25, 2017

Gen Con 50 (2017)

Another Gen Con has come and gone. Like most, I spent a majority of my time working in the auction. I also ran 3 RPGs (Tunnels & Trolls x1, A Game of Thrones D20 x2), got a chance to check out the dealer hall for about an hour on Sunday, and played a few games. I will talk more about the events I ran in a different post.

This year I drove in on Tuesday night, arriving at my hotel at the Crowne right around 10:30 pm. After one last meeting for work on WED morning, I spent the rest of the day helping with the Auction set-up and intake for sellers dropping off their items. Once the GM HQ opened, I waited in that line to get the Peryton Gamer group's badges, went to dinner with Harold and Jeff, then met up with the Peryton gang to hand over those badges.

The auction this year was massive,with about 2000 more live auction items then we normally have to deal with and over 10K items in the consignment store. I was able to break away each day to run my RPG games (T&T on Thursday, AGOT on both Friday and Saturday). The Friday collectible auction did not wrap up until 1:30am. Saturday was quite hectic as we spent most of the morning and early afternoon selling items as fast as we could so that we could remain on schedule for TOVA at 2pm and then the Charity auction at 7pm. By the time the Charity auction was done, it was also close to 2am. I did arrive to my AGOT RPG event an hour early on Saturday and was able to get my first sit down meal since Wednesday evening at the sports bar in the Marriott.

I did not spend too much in the auction, officially only buying 4 games:
  • The board game 'Belfort' which included two expansions for only $32. A game I already had, but only one person was bidding on it and I knew Ed or Frank would gladly pay more than half price for the game if offered to them. I kept the expansion and sold the game to Ed for $20.
  • The board game 'Cowboys', another one I already had, but it was in the shrink wrap and no one was bidding on it so I took it for only $3. I will throw it in my prize bag for when we run Circus Imperium in the future
  • The board game 'Venus Needs Men' (shrinkwrap) for only $5; I will also throw that in the prize bag.
  • Finally, I have a copy of the MB big box game 'Samurai Swords' in the shrinkwrap for only $20. A game that normally sells for much higher and one I have always wanted. The version with the name of 'Shogun' is more the collector's items because of the trademark issues that forced the name change, but I am gonna open it and play it anyway - from what I remember a great game.
  • I picked up a few other games as well; when sellers do not pick up their unsold items by 2pm at the auction, our Charity guy first goes through and pulls anything he wants to store for next year. Once that is done, we then can take what we want. I grabbed a few things that will also be destined for my prize bag.

The Auction got all us volunteers nifty Tom Wham inspired badge holders this year. The yellow button I got from fellow auction volunteer Jim K. The Gen Con 50 Pin was a gift from the Auction to me (as an auction manager of the Pit)  On Sunday I also got the following:
  • the T&T app in the dealer hall where I was able to earn a T&T dice bag with two d6's by completing 'Naked Doom'
  • the Nefarious expansion where I finished 2nd place earning an 'Evil Genius' ribbon and some promo cards
  • the Traveler dice set was from Matt T who used my event ticket for 'Can you survive character creation' since I could not make it but he gave me the dice since he already had a set

And a few pics from the Dealer Hall where I finally met and talked to both Liz Danforth and Steve Crompton at the Flying Buffalo booth.

After getting the auction room cleaned up and all our supplies loaded back on Ed's truck, it was close to 6pm on Sunday and then we met at Buca for our annual end of convention meal. Before heading back to Toledo later that night, I briefly chatted with Tom, Robin, and Brett at the Crowne Plaza lounge/bar. I also talked to Randy for a bit ahead of one of my games on Thursday (I believe).