Tuesday, February 20, 2018

BASHCon 2018: With Feeling

BashCon 2018 started out on Thursday night; Tom, Randy, Saharra, and Tom2 were in town early. I had some work to take care of in the morning so could not stay for the evening Crawlspace game in the hotel. I dropped off some snacks, said hello, and went home.

Friday evening at the convention has always been a quirky experience. Sometimes the lines for pre-registration are longer than the lines for walk-up. This year, we arrived and no one was in line at all. Picked mine and Liam's badge which were pre-paid and got Irelynn's free one since she was under 13. We had no major plans for the evening other than the group playing in my Stay Alive! Gaslight game, a continuation of an adventure started back in 2016 (A Little Horror on the Prairie). 

Robin, Liam, and Tom brought back their existing characters. Irelynn brought in her eternal champion Maverick. Paul created a gambler, Randy a bounty hunter, Saharra a bar owner, and Tom2 a traveling preacher. We picked up where we left off after a huge battle with some angry natives where Tom's character took some serious injuries. A few weeks of recovery in the nearby boomtown of Sidney, NE (with the help of some Celestial Seasonings), the group was quickly combined and on a train to the jerkwater of Big Springs where the inter-dimensional gate was located in a church on the plains. We had to wrap up at 11pm since the main hall was closing early on Friday night. We agreed to pick up where we left off on Saturday night.

Saturday was booked for us to run two sessions of Circus Imperium. JP, his daughter Hallie, Irelynn's friend Riley (and her brother Eric), played along with me, Irelynn, and Liam. I won the race (I think my first such victory). Liam was the lone casualty, whipping his beasts to death and failing to jump into JP's chariot, he elected to allow himself to be dragged to death to get the prize of a candy bar for the first death. The second game was joined by Saharra, Tom2, Jennifer (part of the Springfield group), Eric, Paul, and 2 new local players. Tom2 took the opportunity to trample Jennifer when she was first thrown from her chariot on the first lap. She made it back to her chariot with 1 HP left. She completed her first lap but was later poked by a trident and killed. Saharra was also trampled and killed. The local guy won the race; he had such a lead and everyone else was mired in frenzies and crashes. 

Irelynn and Riley played in the Marvel Super-Heroes RPG, the same one they played in last year with Riley's dad. I also managed to sneak into the auction and bought a wargame for $4; no one was bidding on it. After the game, we met for dinner at the new Phoenicia location on the 4th floor. We then found a room and finished the Stay Alive! game.

My biggest concern of the weekend was the number of players I was gonna have show up for the Sunday D&D. The convergence of 3 different gaming groups I am associated with, plus the odd strangers that manage to get tickets, put us at 11 players; and 2 could not make it and another 2 I had to turn away. Ugh! We had Garry, Liam, Irelynn and JP from my original group; Richard and Juliet from the new Toledo group; Robin, Paul, and Tom2 from the Perytons; and two brothers that managed to snake a few seats that were new. I did my best to manage the large group - two battles pretty much took up the 4 hours. Some drow wanted revenge on the do-gooders and used some Umber Hulks to collapse Darkshade Tower and then attack the party with a swarm of spiders. They also kidnapped a beloved NPC and threatened to continue to dismember him if they did not follow into the underdark and the trap that was lain. The heroes prevailed.

We popped in the main hall one last time and bought Irelynn some dice before that guy totally packed it in. Also bought a 5E GM screen from Beckett (he also paid me for some of the miniatures I have selling on consignment in his shop over the last year). On our way out we were able to get the BashCon33 dice for only a $1 each (for the 3 of us), last  year's shirt for myself for only $5, and Liam got this year's shirt for $10. 

As Robin mentioned, our new Sunday thing seems to be the Mexican place on Secor. Good food and company to end the weekend.

Attendance seemed to be way down and the event registration was really suspect this year. I wonder what we will have in store for next year with the constantly rotating and recycling crew of underclassmen.