Thursday, September 26, 2019

Gen Con 2019

Yikes, it is already September...plans for BASH Con are ramping up in my head and I have not even talked about the events in Indy from early August. So just a quick recap...

Tuesday/Wednesday - we arrived and checked in on Tuesday evening, helped set-up and accepted items at the auction on Wednesday, and then played in a D&D 5e game I ran for the Peryton Gamers, the classic module 'White Plume Mountain'.

Thursday, we ran a single game of Circus Imperium between working at the auction. I also ran a single Dungeon board game event Thursday evening.

Friday, we got split as I had to cover another Dungeon board game event at the same time we were supposed to run Circus Imperium. Unfortunately, Liam was a bit harassed by some players because he got one rule slightly wrong while I was away. This may be our last session at Gen Con since he was really bummed about what happened and I don't blame him. People can be real jerks sometimes.

Saturday was the last game of Dungeon to run.

As always, the rest of our time at the auction...

Charity auction, I picked up a nice leather bound version of Trapsylvania which I got signed by Steve Crompton in the Dealer Hall on Sunday. Also purchased a few originals from him as well.

This is the final stash - bought a bit more than I expected in the auction, but I also sold more than I I think that makes things right, at least in my head. Unfortunately, Wildlife Adventure was incomplete, missing rules and a few cards. Also picked up 2 copies of MSPE hardback from Steve/Flying Buffalo booth and sent one to a friend in England when I traveled there for work a few weeks later.

And thanks to Jim, I got the Blood Bowl miniatures he picked up for me earlier in the year from a GW convention in England.

Monday, July 29, 2019

Gen Con 52 (2019) Preparations

It seems kind of odd, but I may well be the most prepared I have ever been before a Gen Con.

Running Circus Imperium has become a breeze both because I have the boy to help me more than ever and we run it at 2 or 3 local shows now each year so familiarity is quite good. The prize bag is well stocked from leftover items as well as new stuff I picked up at the Gen Con auction last year.

I even volunteered to run a 5e game on Wednesday night for the Perytons and have a few new miniatures prepped and ready to go. Anyone familiar with "White Plume Mountain" will know that there are some giant crustaceans that play a role in 2 of the treasure quests. Since those miniatures really do not exist, I was able to track down some fishing lures that worked quite well in the end. I still need to pack everything up, but since I was play testing with the baby girl using the 2e module, most of it already ready to be gathered.

Auction? I have 28(ish) items registered and their tags are printed. Just needed a box of supplies to show up today to finish that prep - the UPS guy delivered it a few hours ago.

Robin having to cancel at the last minute due to unforeseen real world issues? Cannot cancel all her games without potentially losing the free hotel room? Her 3 Dungeon! events fit quite well into my existing schedule so I can deal with it. New copy of the game ordered (as my version is the Classic Dungeon that only supports 6 players) and I created some new pawns to use with some bases, magnets, and some pre-painted minis from the collection.

Even the new potential issue with 'electronic tickets' - we will deal with it. Tom has been tracking his build-up to the con for the last week...check it out.

Maybe tomorrow will be different.

Thursday, June 13, 2019

Gen Con 51 (2018)

Gen Con rolled up quickly this year. Obviously, it was a few weeks earlier than last year's, but also July was quite busy with some vacations, my new trek into 5E with my sister and her kids, the World Cup, and another installment of my 2E game on the Saturday before.

The boy and I packed up and left right around 7pm on Tuesday night. We stopped for dinner in Defiance and then completed the trek to Indy skirting the eastern side of the city following the detours that abounded with all construction going on. I was able to finally locate the staircase in the underground garage closest to the entrance to the Crowne to maximize our easy access for the weekend. Our roommates were already in place so we just loaded in and chatted for a bit while watching Wonder Woman on HBO.

I wanted to get a good breakfast for at least one morning and we planned on going to Acapulco Joe's, a landmark restaurant in the city so I am told. I know Tom often traipses there on Sundays for breakfast so we tried it out. We were the only ones there, but the service and food was excellent.

Liam had not packed a tooth brush and we needed a few other odds and ends, so we noticed a Kroger a few blocks away from AJ so we stopped there before heading back to work the rest of the morning/afternoon at the auction. Wednesday is primarily set-up and collecting the items being dropped off by the sellers and sorting them into either the store or the various categories for the stage (family games, rpgs, euro games, train games, GW, miniatures, painted miniatures, CCGs, CMGs, collectibles, TOVA). It did not take long for the tables to be filled.

I was able to set aside the two T&T items I saw come in on WED, but I spent most of the afternoon in glee as I separated and sorted all the TSR rpg stuff we were getting in. Eventually, even more stuff came in that I could no longer keep all together, so we ended up with two very large sections devoted to the classic TSR stuff.

Later met up with the Peryton crew for dinner...

(Since I am finally posting this after almost a year, this may be the only record of Gen Con 2018 :)