Nexus Game Fair 2017 - Saturday, May 27, 2017, 8pm

Art by jeshields, used with permission
In the midst of a series of global natural weather related disasters, a research facility in the Midwest hides its own little secret that may well be the key to saving the planet. The alien plot to rid the Earth of its most dangerous threat, mankind itself, is well under way. But who in the building is really who they claim to be and what are they hiding in the secret underground bunker?

The System: Tunnels & Trolls, Stay Alive!

The Setting: Modern day Middle America at a private research facility that is more than what it appears to be. Worldwide, storms and natural disasters are ravaging most regions. Meteorites have struck in many places.

The Characters:

  • The Doctor
  • The Loved One
  • The Assistant
  • The Building Manager
  • The Technician
  • The Security Guard
  • The Mail Delivery Specialist
  • The Sales Director

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